Is Botox between the eyebrows really necessary for removal of lines in the forehead?


I've had lines that go across my forehead (when I lift my eyebrows even a little bit) for the longest time, and I finally bit the bullet and went for a consultation for botox.

The lady I went to see said that in addition to the units she'd habe to inject into my forehead, she'd also have to do a few inbetween my eyebrows. To clarify, I have no lines between my eyebrows, my forehead simply crumples up when I frown.

Her explanation was that as my eyebrows are rather heavy, the forehead botox might make my eyebrows droop, which would lead to an unnatural look, and I'd need the additional botox between the eyebrows to balance it out. She certainly seemed like she knew what she was talking about but she also mentioned that she had the same procedure done and she couldn't frown at all!

I'd hate to lose my ability to frown, I think the crumples between my eyebrows are cute! Is she right that the extra units are necessary?

The treatment of forehead lines can be tricky. The forehead lines are created by the contraction of the frontalis muscle. If this muscle is weaken too much with the application of Botox the eyebrows will become heavy This will change your appearance making you look more tired. Personally, I frequently treat the forehead without treating between the eyebrows. This has to be performed skillfully by someone experienced in Botox treatments.

Todd B. Koch, MD, FACS
Todd B. Koch, MD, FACS
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Todd B. Koch, MD, FACS

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