The Aesthetic Society is recognized as the world's leading professional organization of board-certified plastic surgeons who are solely dedicated to the art, science, and safe practice of aesthetic surgery and cosmetic medicine of the face and body.

The Aesthetic Society is a membership organization of board certified cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons specializing in aesthetic procedures of the face and body. The Aesthetic Society is primarily an educational organization, world famous among board certified cosmetic surgeons for offering instruction on the latest and safest cosmetic procedures. Their knowledge is transferred to you through the pages of this site.

Looking for information on cosmetic surgery? The Aesthetic Society offers you in-depth information on surgical and non-surgical procedures as well as what you can expect from surgery, what it costs and what plastic surgeons recommend for your particular concern. Looking for an answer to a specific question? Our board-certified aesthetic surgeons will answer your questions — just submit them through our Q&A function.

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