Breast Augmentation

I want to go from a DD to an E/F, would 700cc help me do that?

I recently just had my first breast augmentation over a month ago, my stats were 5' tall, 150 lbs, 22 years old and never been pregnant. I was also previously a 36B cup and now I am a 36/38 DD. I got 525 cc SRX high profile silicone Allergan implants. I like the size but I already know I want to go bigger to a E/F cup range, would 700 cc-750 cc put me in this range?

What image are you trying to portray to others around you? From your stats and implant size, its presumed that your are quite generous as you are and unless it was an easy fit, I would not increase your size myself as I do not wish for my patients to look bizarre. Yes there are exceptions to this rule but when implants that large are placed in someone of your height, it will produce an abnormal appearance.

Curtis S. F. Wong, MD
Curtis S. F. Wong, MD
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Curtis S. F. Wong, MD

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