Capsular contracture and textured implants make for extra BI-ALCL risk?

My wife has long had Baker III capsular contracture around her Allergan 468 textured implants (18 yrs post-op). Won't the CC tend to mask the effusion/swelling and/or firmness that seem to be the most prevalent early symptoms of BI-ALCL?

If so, might this set of circumstances uniquely make prophylactic explantation worth considering?

One of the main risks factors for BIA-ALCL is textured implants. A relatively small number of the case had had capsular contracture. There have been two known cases of capsular contracture as the only presenting issue/symptom. The pathogenic process for Capsular contracture and BIA-ALCL may have some similarities mediated by chronic inflammation, but the end host response appears to be different - fibrotic (CC) vs. transformative (BIA-ALCL).

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