I have Lupus, can I have IPL hair removal?

I have lupus but for the last two years I haven't taken any medication and so far had very few problems/flares. It only affects my joints in my fingers (mild pain) and I haven't had any photo-sensitivity whilst on or off medication. I've never had any problem with the sun/my skin or anything like that. I suffer badly from ingrown hairs so can't wax and I even struggle with shaving, so I've wanted laser/IPL hair removal for years now. Am I able to have IPL hair removal even with lupus? Would the IPL cause any other side effects other than maybe flaring up my lupus?

Hello and thank you for your questions. Like with many medical conditions, there are varying degrees. They key as you mentioned is that you are not in the active phase. I successfully performed photo rejuvenation using IPL on a woman face treating her for her residual redness and unwanted brown spots. Thus, while there no prospective studies that address you concerns that I am aware, I think it is possible for you to have IPL hair reduction. Best to start at lower energy levels and do smaller regions until you see how your body reacts.You should also receive clearance from your internist who knows the most about your medical condition. Hope this helps.


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