StretchCare Injections in Jawline


My wife is 28 years old and recently did a filler procedure with "StretchCare" (Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins, DHEA). We did this procedure in Poland on a recognized clinic ( My wife noticed "sagging" of the skin along the jawline, the middle 2/3 of the jaw/mandible, and wanted to make a lift/firming of the skin to improve this area. The surgeon suggested (according to my wife) a series of contiguous linear deep injection with StretchCare along the jawline, medial to lateral. It's 4 days since the injections and her skin has improved and is firmer and looks nicer, however she complains that the initial "problem area" (where the skin was somewhat sagging down), is locally swollen and changes the contour of the lower face/jaw and does not look esthetically pleasing. She is worried if it's going to stay like this, and if it is, the end-result would be a worsening sagging of the skin. Overall I think so far she has a good effect. As a Norwegian doctor myself (intern) I know that swelling from inflammation might take at least a week to abate. She received in addition a facial massage with Icoone ( which seemed to improve esthetic result.

Objectively it is noticeable, and naturally I question the experience and qualifications any injector.

My questions is then, is that a good technique to lift the skin in her case? What can be expected? Maybe you can inform me more about this.

Hope you will find the time to answer in a timely manner, as I am in Poland with my wife for only 2 more weeks.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Christian Bjerknes

Any treatment is likely to cause swelling and make the area look better for a time. What is more important is what long term correction the treatment gives. Subcutaneous injection of many of the substances you are mentioning hasn't been shown to offer any benefit to the patient (aside from the hyaluronic acid, if it is formulated by a reputable company).

Evaluation by a few board certified plastic surgeons may be beneficial.

Brent Moelleken MD, FACS
Brent Moelleken MD, FACS
601 E Arrellaga StSanta BarbaraCA93103US

Brent Moelleken MD, FACS

601 E. Arrellaga St., Suite 103,
Santa Barbara, CA, 93103, United States


Unfortunately StretchCare is not an FDA approved treatment in the US, and as such, I have no real experience with it.

Reza Momeni MD, FACS
Reza Momeni MD, FACS
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Reza Momeni MD, FACS

1 Diamond Hill Road, Berkeley Heights, NJ,
07922, US