Case #21579: Male Rhinoplasty

Case Description

This Virginia Beach man in his early twenties had quite severe difficulty breathing through his nose which he noticed more on the left side. He was bothered by the extreme crookedness, wide tip, webbing of his upper lip to his nose and a hump on the bridge. These were addressed with open rhinoplasty with extensive grafting. He was willing to accept the bridge of his nose being wider in order to improve his breathing. The width of his nose appears much more normal now, not overly narrow or as crooked prior to surgery. He is extremely pleased with his breathing on both sides and the other enhancements that were made during surgery.

Thomas J. Hubbard, MD
Thomas J. Hubbard, MD
329 Phillip AveVirginia BeachVA23454US

Thomas J. Hubbard, MD

329 Phillip Ave, Virginia Beach, VA,