Case #21492: 39 year old female desires smaller breasts.

Case Description

39 year old female desires smaller breasts. Height: 5'4" Weight: 185 LBS Cup size (preop): 38 DD Cup size (postop): 38 C

She is 3 months post op bilateral breast reduction with superomedial pedicle technique. Her nipples were lifted 11cm and she had 725 grams of breast tissue removed from the left breast and 1,057 grams removed from the right breast. Her back and neck pain are much improved and nipple sensation is intact on both sides. Her transformation brings me so much joy and happiness.

Liana M. Lugo, MD
Liana M. Lugo, MD
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Liana M. Lugo, MD

The Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery at Spa Medical,
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