Case #10725: 69 y/o - Immediate Bilateral DIEP Breast Flap Reconstruction

Case Description

This patient is a 69 y/o found to have left invasive lobular carcinoma. She underwent bilateral mastectomies, followed by an immediate bilateral DIEP breast flap reconstruction. The patient had a previous nephrectomy with a large scar on her left abdomen, therefore the abdominal incision from her DIEP was higher than normal to remove the old scar. She did not desire any revisional surgeries, therefore her reconstruction was a single stage procedure. She completed her reconstruction with 3D nipple tattooing.

Robert Whitfield MD, FACS
Robert Whitfield MD, FACS
7200 Wyoming Springs DrRound RockTX78681US

Robert Whitfield MD, FACS

7200 Wyoming Springs, Suite 1400,
Round Rock, TX, 78761, US