Case #21329: 34-44 year old woman treated with breast augmentation using Ideal Implants

Case Description

An RN in her later 30’s who wished to have fuller breasts. She comes from another state and found us after seeing one of our patients and being impressed by the natural appearance of her results. She wanted to have a natural but fuller appearance. She found that her breasts looked deflated after losing weight with diet and exercise.

She is 5’6” and 119 lbs. She is shown before and again, 6 weeks after sub-glandular placement of Ideal Structured Saline implants size 370 cc through an inframammary incision.

Discussion: The empty Ideal implant volume is 56 cc. The Back/inner lumen is filled to 214 cc. The front/outer lumen is filled to 100 cc. This gives a total volume of 370 cc. This is listed as “high” fill on the sizing chart. The outer lumen is also designed to be filled to 145 cc which would give a total volume of 415 and is listed as “100%” fill. This greater fill volume is similar to a high profile implant and gives a slightly firmer feel. She did not want to be fuller than the 370 upon sizing in the office and prioritized the softer feel of the implant at 370.

A sub-glandular placement was chosen in her case. With a caliper pinch of 3.2 cm her breast tissues are thick enough to hide the implant ( 2 cm or less is usually considered “thin”). Her nipples are just slightly above the breast fold and she would be prone to a “waterfall effect” with a placement of the implants below the muscle. With a sub-pectoral placement the breast can fall off of the implant. With the sub-glandular placement the implant drops with the breast and avoids the “waterfall”. So when a patient has a nipple just at or above the fold but does not yet require a mastopexy, a sub-glandular placement can be a good tradeoff when the breast tissues are thick enough to hide the implant.

Jonathan D. Hall, MD
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