The Corset Trunkplasty: A Novel Approach to Contouring Massive Weight Loss Patients

The Corset Trunkplasty: A Novel Approach to Contouring Massive Weight Loss Patients

The corset trunkplasty (corset body lift) is a body contouring surgical procedure that can remove excess skin in massive weight loss patients. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Alexander P. Moya, describes the corset trunkplasty procedure as one of the procedures that can remove an average of 10 pounds of excess skin in a single stage.

“Most of my patients come to see me after a massive weight loss with major concerns about excess lose skin hanging from their abdomen. My focus is on the tummy area, the more skin that can be removed, the better the body shape,” explains Dr. Moya.

The corset trunkplasty procedure involves an H-like incision in the midsection across the lower abdomen, upper abdomen and down center, pulling in the waistline. The procedure can take 4 – 6 hours depending on the patient’s size. There is no need for an adjunct procedure such as a tummy tuck or liposuction because of how aggressive this procedure is. The chances of skin relapse in the abdominal area are limited because both the upper and lower abdomen are treated.

Dr. Moya notes that, one of the advantages of this procedure is you can lie on your back because the incision is only at the front and toward the waist. Recovery time is the same as a tummy tuck, pain takes four to six days to dissipate.

“I usually tell my patients, if I can maximize your skin removal, I can maximize your body shape. I continue to perform this procedure and try and teach other plastic surgeons because my patients are so happy with the results!” explains Dr. Moya.

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