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  • Three Reasons More Men Are Undergoing Plastic Surgery

    In 2013, Americans spent more money on aesthetic procedures since 2008. Dr. Grant Steven, a California based plastic surgeon, attributes this in part to the increase in number of men undergoing cosmetic surgery.  

    “Reality TV and the media in general have certainly heightened awareness of what can be done surgically and non-surgically,” notes Dr. Stevens. “Plastic surgery has become demystified taking away some of the negative stigma from having cosmetic procedures.” 

  • Factors That Contribute to a Successful Breast Augmentation Surgery

    Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Adam Schaffner discusses the tools and techniques for performing a successful breast augmentation procedure. “Breast surgery can be very complex and trying to achieve the results, especially subtle results, is both an art and a science,” notes. Dr. Schaffner. 

  • Six Reasons Why You Might Need a Breast Revision Surgery

    Breast revision surgery increased by 30% from 2013 to 2014 according to ASAPS annual statistics. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Edwards who is based in Las Vegas explains why breast revisions might be necessary despite best efforts and planning. 

  • How Fat Can Restore a Youthful Look to Your Eyes

    Years ago, the approach to restoring a youthful look to the eyes was to take away as much as possible, but this hallowed the upper eyelid giving patients a skeletal look; notes New York based plastic surgeon Oren Tepper, MD. 

    Today, most people are now approaching it with moderation making a nice skin excision to remove fat and building volume around the upper eye region.  

  • Breast Augmentation Using Your Body Fat

    For patients looking to enhance their breasts without necessarily enlarging them, fat grafting is an alternative to breast implants. The process involves harvesting fat from different parts of the body and processing it then injecting it into the breast tissue for enlargement, explains Louisiana based plastic surgeon, Dr. Kamran Khoobehi. 

  • Hair Restoration Techniques For A Natural, Fuller Head of Hair

    Hair loss has a significant impact on a person’s self-esteem and appearance. There are a variety factors that can contribute to this, such as family genetics, medications and treatments. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jack Fisher explains different techniques that can be used on patients experiencing hair loss.  

  • What is Asian Blepharoplasty?

    Asian blepharoplasty, also known as double eyelid surgery, is a surgical procedure to create an upper eyelid with a fold. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Clyde Ishii attributes its rise in popularity among Asian women to western models. “The key with this operation is to make the patient look natural, and not overly westernized. 

  • The Difference Between A Male and Female Rhinoplasty

    A rhinoplasty, also referred to as a nose job, is a surgical procedure to improve the appearance and/or correct a deformity of the nose. ABPS board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Larry Weinstein explains the difference between a male and female rhinoplasty, “For a male nose you want to have a straight angle and for a female nose you want to have it indented just slightly to feminize the nose, but not too much to the point of a ski slope or upturned nose.”  

  • What is Transgender Surgery?

    Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Sheldon Lincenberg explains transgender surgery and the preparation involved before undergoing this type of surgery. 

  • Transforming Lives Through Plastic Surgery After A Dramatic Weight Loss

    ABPS board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Al Aly explains the process of undergoing surgery to remove extra loose skin after losing a significant amount of weight. “When one gains a lot of weight, there is an expansion of the skin and the fat, when they lose the weight they are left with loose skin.” 

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