The best tricks to cover a blemish

The best tricks to cover a blemish
The best tricks to cover a blemish

I love when I confess to something somewhat embarrassing (adult acne breakouts) and it hits home. It makes it worth it. A couple weeks ago, I wrote about my harrowing ordeal getting a cortisone shot for my adult-sized pimple. The results were also very adult – no picking at it like teenager and much quicker recovery.

That said, I did a bit of investigating to find ways to cover these blemishes so that no one ever has to know you’re rockin’ a zit decades after you first rocked out in your room.

Here is what I learned:
You may not only have redness, but a raised blemish, and possibly a small scab or flaky skin. Be careful not to further clog the pore and use clean hands/tools, non-comedogenic products and make sure to remove all of this when you get back home.

If the site is really red: Redness is the easiest to conquer, but people tend to go at it wrong. Use a corrector (correctors and concealers are different, correctors are based on the concept of complimentary colors to help neutralize a shade. This is why you’ll need a green corrector like Physicians Formula green cover stick to offset redness.) Yes, you need to go back to 5th grade art to cover a zit (who knew). *Lightly dab corrector with a Q-tip or fingertip, ONLY on the red part — not around it, near it, catty-corner to it – ON IT!
Tip: Corrector goes under your foundation or BB cream or tinted moisturizer at the very least under concealer because the hue will show. Remember, a little goes a long way. Then follow the steps below.

If the site is moderately red or moderately red after using corrector: It’s time for concealer. I find it easiest to use concealer after your foundation (you can use your fingertips or a small pointed brush or applicator. Do NOT use your under-eye concealer, under-eye concealer should be lighter than your foundation to conceal, but also brighten the area you want this concealer to be as similar to your skin tone or foundation as possible. Also, make sure it doesn’t have a shimmer, reflective, or highlight effect (that’s the last thing you want to do). Here are some of the different types of formulas:

  • A standard creamy concealer in a pot pallet or concealer wheel like Temptu’s (which I use). Tip: these work best when warmed with and applied with fingers.
  • A touch up stick - This is like a concentrated foundation, they often have minerals and vitamins that may help fight breakouts while they cover. Tarte’s Smooth Operator is incredible (also pat to warm with fingers and you can layer this one, but don’t over-layer).
  • Pens and on the go – These are perfect to throw in your bag for touch-ups or travel. They can also have an anti-acne effect. Neutrogena makes a great skin clearing blemish concealer Apply these directly on the spot with the brush in the pen and use your fingers to pat and fan out around the edges.

If there is a scab or flaky skin at the center:
It’s really difficult to conceal a scab because it’s hard and lifted — and adding color can make it even more obvious. Ignore the urge to pick it off... Take a Q-tip with a tiny dab of Neosporin, Vaseline or Vitamin E oil (to form a barrier, help heal and soften the skin) and pat it directly on the scab or flaky part (and only there). Then conceal the redness around the center and gently pat over the center. It will mix a bit with the product on the scab/dried area to make it a bit slicker and easier to cover. It will still show slightly, but it’ll look more even with your tone…

Here are your other options:
1. Wait until it heals to leave the house.
2. Make a mole with brown eyeliner on top of it and talk in a sexy voice and when people question your sexy mole tell them it’s always been there and clearly they don’t even look at you when they speak to you. HOW RUDE!
3. Do what I do, attempt to cover it and spend the whole day pointing it out to people anyway! That’s right, you know it’s there, they won’t make you look stupid by keeping it to themselves.

Lastly, make sure to brush a finishing powder over the spot to set your cover-up job.
Good luck people!

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