Sticking it to adult acne break-outs

Sticking it to adult acne break-outs
Sticking it to adult acne break-outs

In my last column, I confessed to getting pimples more now than when I was waiting to be asked to the prom. The response was amazing. People were sending me notes and messages telling me they too suffer from more blemishes as an adult then they ever did as teens. They also learned that they’d been treating said breakouts the wrong way.

Though I’m no longer searching for a great Gunne Sax mermaid style sweetheart neck strapless dress, I’m still searching for the perfect zit fix. I mentioned getting a cortisone injection in the site and though I thought I’d never take that route, I decided to give it a try for the sake of research (basically for you guys).

That’s right, I cleared up a zit in the smartest way possible for YOU! You’re welcome.

That said, I also took pictures of the progress, which is pretty embarrassing and hence really awesome of me. Try not to pass them to friends and mock me because then you will get a pimple too. We all know zits are vengeful!

The process is quite simple. Here’s what I found.

1. In the first picture both the zit and I were angry. Normally, I would have picked at it and squeezed it and made it far far worse than it was, by thinking I could fix it, and fix it quickly. (So, I thought, an injection couldn’t be worse - hence picture 2.)

2. The process, though super quick was really painful. When I asked why it was so painful (in a shouty tone), the doctor explained that the needle was going directly into an inflamed area and so it was more painful than say Botox. Usually, I appreciate that information beforehand, which is why I’m sharing it with you.

3. Immediately after the injection, the blemish was flatter and less angry. I was even angrier about not knowing how much it would hurt. That said, it would’ve been a lot easier to cover up the results than the mountain I walked in with.

4. Five days in, the mark was still there and didn’t seem different from other blemishes as they heal (though it got to that point quicker).

The verdict:


  • The redness was still present and the blemish left a mark (which is always a problem with aging skin).
  • It was no walk in the park. More painful than Botox due to the inflammation.
  • The price wasn’t ideal. I don’t see myself paying 50 bucks a pop (literally) every time I get a zit (your cost may differ or insurance may cover it, but please see a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon).


  • The blemish very quickly flattened which makes covering the site so much easier. This also, sped up the time it took to get to the healing phase.
  • Because I had the injection, I let the site heal on its own, which meant no picking or scabbing.
  • It’s a great option if you have a major event coming up and don’t have a +1 for your visitor.
  • If you have a low copay or have multiple blemishes to get injected at one time, it’s at least worth a try.

If you can’t get an injection every time you get a blemish or I made that process seem too painful, I’ll gather up some tips on how to properly cover a blemish.

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