I Peeled My Way to Healthy Skin

I Peeled My Way to Healthy Skin

Belinda decided to undergo a chemical peel after she researched what was involved in the procedure and consulted with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

“It went great! It was a little intimidating in the beginning in the sense of finding the right person to perform the procedure. Because a chemical peel can easily be messed up, it was very important for me to find someone I trusted to perform the procedure,” she explained.

Chemical peels remove the skin’s top layer that is sun damaged and has wrinkles stimulating new skin growth and improving the surface texture and appearance. The results vary by type of chemical peel: deep and medium depth peel results can last several years, while superficial peel (‘lunchtime’ peel) results are temporary.

“In the beginning it looks like a burn with blisters, but that’s all part of the process. I kept my face clean and put on an antibiotic Vaseline. Following the chemical peel, my skin peeled taking with it the old sun spots and fine lines. I was left with a healthy new skin! The chemical peel did more than I thought it would do!” exclaimed Belinda.

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