Overzealous skincare gets taken to task.

Overzealous skincare gets taken to task.
Overzealous skincare gets taken to task.

You can never have too much of a good thing, right? Wrong. The killjoys at Town and Country magazine, recently set out to warn us against the dangers of overzealous skincare, claiming that slathering on layer upon layer of multi-branded products is ever-increasingly leading to skin drama — you know, breakouts, skin sensitivity, and rashes. Oh my.

Knowing the inability of the average woman to pull herself from the allure of the perfumes, pretty packages, and promises of a freshly stocked cosmetics counter — it’s little wonder our bathroom shelves are lined with row upon row of the latest and greatest skincare products. All of which we happily slather on, one after the other, giving little thought to the actual compatibility of the ingredients in the products themselves — ‘cause hey, look how shiny they are!

T&C kills that dream by peeling our attention away from all the marketing hocus pocus, and focusing it back on the important details — like ingredient compatibility and the fact that one-size-fits-all does not apply when it comes to skincare.

And then it gets ugly.

Town and Country suggests getting rid of everything — every lotion, every serum, every exfoliant, everything — and starting from scratch.

*Gasp! *Slap!

In the spirit of restraint and maturity, let’s put aside the rage that sparked upon reading that little “suggestion,” and stop to consider their point. The editors — hell bent on staging an overzealous skincare intervention — remind us that piling a plethora of products on at one time leaves us little frame-of-reference for what’s working and what’s not. *Logic, you bore me.

And while we know that overexfoliating, and overcleansing can lead to dryness and skin irritation, it seems that playing laboratory with your face — aka. cross-breeding products, like using retinoids with other products that might contain salicylic or glycolic acid — could be to blame for the uptick in skin sensitivity issues.

Call me crazy, but this situation might be remedied by a little something called ‘restraint.’ For example, toning down your overzealous skincare routine to between 3 to 5 products, which will include a cleanser (foaming if you’re oily, creamy if you’re dry, or glycolic if you’re acne-prone), a treatment serum or nighttime cream specifically suited to your skin’s needs, an antioxidant rich moisturizer with sunscreen, and an eye cream. Maybe… just maybe… an exfoliant — but the point is that every product you use in your skincare ritual should be tailored to your actual skin type and not be counteracting the ingredients in your other products.

So now that we’ve torn the curtain aside, we can only assume that your days of overzealous skincare are over, and your focus is firmly back where it belongs: your skin. The truth is, not all products are made for all people. It seems too much of a good thing, can actually be just that — too much.

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