A Laser That Could Change the Game - Halo

A Laser That Could Change the Game - Halo
A Laser That Could Change the Game - Halo

So, I’m obsessed with finding the right laser to make my foray into the world of resurfacing and correcting pigmentation. I’ve been “window shopping” for years. Every time I feel I’ve made the right choice, a new option hits the market and I say, “Jenny, wait a bit longer this one might be ‘The One.’I may or may not have done the same thing when looking for a husband. Luckily, I felt pretty certain I’d found “The One” or I’d probably still be window shopping men. That said, I don’t want to be writing about how my search is going for the perfect procedure 20 years from now, when everyone owns a home laser and a robot to wield it.

Which is why I’m telling you about Halo, because well, it may be “The One.” I mean I’m not introducing it to my parents yet, but I wanted to introduce it to you. Halo isn’t just the new kid on the block; it’s the first hybrid fractional laser on the block. “Why is that promising,” you ask? Because it emits both ablative and non-ablative wave lengths at the same time.

Ablative lasers being some of the most effective in terms of getting deeper into the skin and restructuring both the surface and layers beneath by essentially damaging the skin and forcing it to heal and rejuvenate and produce collagen to do so. This would be perfect if the downtime/recovery time weren’t so extensive.

Non-ablative lasers have become an extremely popular alternative because the downtime is minimal, but the patient may not see the depth of results or may need a series of treatments to achieve what one treatment with an ablative laser can achieve. Enter Halo, which in the hands of a board certified plastic surgeon can have the effects of an ablative laser with the recovery rate of a non-ablative one.

I know, you’re cheering right? OK, you should be because that means potentially, one could get the benefits of fixing discoloration (rosacea, scarring, hyper-pigmentation, age spots …) on the surface as well as on a deeper lever, while also have tone and texture improved, collagen stimulated, and see a reduction in wrinkles and pores with one laser.

Does it work? The results have been positive, though only a limited amount of doctors have the laser at this time. I’m pretty impressed with the hype so far and yes, I’ll be doing a “Tried and Tested” piece on it as soon as I can get someone to point one in my direction. And then maybe I’ll bring Halo to meet my family.

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