Cellfina: A Cellulite Treatment That Delivers Long-Term Improvement

Cellfina: A Cellulite Treatment That Delivers Long-Term Improvement

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Simeon Wall, Jr. explains how Cellfina, a new cellulite treatment manufactured by Cabochon works noting that it doesn’t get rid of cellulite completely but reduces it over time.

“Cellfina is a vacuum acquisition of tissue device that is stuck on the body and anesthetizes the area of cellulite. Small micro-blades then reciprocate by going into the skin and cutting the little bands that create the cellulite appearance without interrupting the rest of the tissues,” explains Dr. Wall.

Results from two studies conducted on over 110 patients using Cellfina showed long-term improvement on the appearance of cellulite.

Cellulite is the fat just beneath the skin that causes a dimpled appearance. It is typically more common in women, though some men have cellulite. It usually appears around the buttocks and thigh area. Patients start seeing cellulite on their body from pubescence into adulthood.

“We have never really had a solution for cellulite. There are numerous potions, creams and devices that don’t really work and if they do the results are temporary,” notes Dr. Wall.

Cellulaze is an invasive option for treating cellulite. It involves the use of a laser that could potentially cut some of the fibers. It is an expensive procedure and usually requires sedation says Dr. Wall.

Cellfina and Cellulaze are the only two FDA approved devices for treating cellulite. For more information on cellulite treatments go to the procedural page.