The growing dangers of DIY plastic surgery

The growing dangers of DIY plastic surgery
The dangers of DIY surgery

While some jobs, such as quilt making and lamp shade decoration, lend themselves to the recent do-it-yourself trend, others are best left to the pros, such is the case with cosmetic surgery.

Some patients may shudder at the thought of performing surgery on themselves, but a rising number of individuals has sought ways to alter physical appearances without having to visit a surgeon. The self-conducted procedures range from purchasing masks that supposedly reduce wrinkles, to injecting oneself with harmful chemicals obtained from the Internet. People seeking cosmetic procedures should never conduct surgeries on themselves - especially those that involve incision or injection. While some recent fads may produce no results for the patient, others can prove to be deadly.

DIY injections go horribly wrong
An Argentinean woman recently died after a botched DIY breast augmentation procedure, according to New York Daily News. In an attempt to make her breasts larger, she injected her chest with petroleum jelly. According to the source, the woman died from a blood clot that formed in her lung several weeks following the procedure. The head of surgery at the hospital where she was treated explained to La Capital that this was the first instance of self-injection of the product that he had seen.

"I've never seen a case like this," he said, as quoted by New York Daily News. "The human body has antibodies to remove bacteria and viruses, but it hasn't got any mechanisms against this type of product."

BBC News reported that while women are at risk when conducting DIY procedures, a rising number of men have been undergoing similar operations when trying to increase the size of their penises. According to the source, doctors have been treating men in Asia for a wealth of injectable-related injuries, including infections, gangrene and ulceration. One surgeon told the source that since the skin on the penis is so sensitive, injections may cause the tissue to die completely. Experts warned potential patients that enhancement surgeries should only be conducted by board-certified surgeons to substantially minimize the risk associated with surgery.

DIY surgery on the rise in South Korea
The DIY surgery trend has been especially popular in South Korea recently, the Global Post reported. While most self-conducted procedures are the result of purchased items that boast face-molding capabilities, they can still lead to negative consequences. Some items hold the eyes open in an attempt to yield the same results as eyelid surgery, while others attempt to reshape users' noses. Several girls have reported bruising, pain and little results, according to the source.