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  • Anesthesia 101: What You Need to Know Before Your Next Cosmetic Procedure

    Ever since Joan Rivers’ passing, I have several friends who have expressed concerns about having any kind of procedure which would require having to undergo anesthesia. Rivers, who was notorious for the number of cosmetic surgeries she’d amassed, ironically did not fall ill while having a cosmetic surgery procedure- rather while having an endoscopic one. Rivers died on September 4, 2014, a week after she underwent a procedure at Manhattan’s Yorkville Endoscopy clinic. 

  • Cosmetic Surgery Tourism: If You’re Going Abroad Here’s What You Need to Know

    Are you looking for aesthetic procedures beyond the US border? The option for less expensive cosmetic surgery can be compelling. I'm somewhat familiar with the desire for aesthetic procedures with a lower sticker price, since my aunt chose to have her second facelift in Mexico. (For anyone keeping track, her first was performed in Dallas, her third in Santa Fe.)  

  • Don’t Be the Next Headline or Statistic of Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

    Plastic surgery procedures have gained a greater acceptance than ever before. But with this acceptance comes entrants to the field more concerned with financial gain that with your safety or outcome. 

    The number of untrained, unlicensed/uncertified entrants to the market has brought serious patient safety issues with them, such as unapproved products, and lack of surgical or even basic medical training that has resulted in unsatisfying results at best and pain, disfigurement and death at worst.  

  • Study reveals higher level of safety at accredited facilities

    Millions of people across the globe request cosmetic procedures each year, whether they're looking to improve the appearance of their bodies following extreme weight loss or looking to make their face a bit more symmetrical with corrective surgery. While most individuals remain aware of the ramifications that may occur following their surgeries, some do not recognize the importance of investing in a board-certified plastic surgeon. 

  • Staying healthy prior to your cosmetic procedure

    Opting for cosmetic surgery is a very important decision in some people's lives. There are several precautions to take 48 hours prior to your procedure, such as heeding doctor's recommendations and avoiding unhealthy risk factors, but there are ways to substantially increase your health months before your operation - steps that may be key for guaranteeing your operation is as safe and effective as possible. 

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