How does Renuvion work?

Dr. Sarah Mess

What is plasma technology? ASAPS member and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sarah Mess explains how this technology works and the type of results that can be achieved.

Renuvion™ sends cold plasma energy beneath or above the surface of the skin which promotes tightening and smoothing of the targeted area. Radiofrequency energy is used to ionize helium gas, creating sophisticated and controlled cold plasma energy that is less likely to result in tissue damage. This technology also promotes collagen production and skin contraction. When used for resurfacing treatment, Renuvion™/J-Plasma® can remove damaged layers of skin, revealing a healthier, firmer surface.

This video was filmed during The Aesthetic Meeting 2018 - the largest meeting of board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeons learning about the latest advancements for facial rejuvenation, breast augmentation, breast revision, breast reduction and liposuction, among other topics.