Heat energy, ultrasound and radio frequency cosmetic procedures

Heat energy, ultrasound and radio frequency cosmetic procedures
Heat energy, ultrasound and radio frequency cosmetic procedures

By Ron Robinson

Throughout the years, plastic surgeons and doctors have learned to harness the power of regulated heat energy and radio frequencies to help restore and manipulate the inner layers of the skin without even grabbing a scalpel. The stats clearly show that more and more people are looking to noninvasive treatments to rebuild collagen and elastin, resulting in younger looking skin without the downtime of recovery from a surgical procedure.

One such treatment is Ultherapy -- the only treatment FDA-cleared for noninvasive neck, eyebrow and under-chin lifts. It uses ultrasound and the body’s own healing process to lift and tighten loose skin. Energy from the ultrasound stimulates deep into the layers of the skin without disturbing the surface, meaning you won’t look red or swollen since it is a change that is happening deep within the skin’s surface. Creating more elastin and collagen builds over time (with patients noticing more results after 2-3 months), with immediate “boosting” results seen after the treatment.

Another procedure applies the “science of heat” using temperature as a clinical endpoint, allowing surgeons and aesthetic physicians to precisely heat soft tissue and nerves to achieve tightening and smoothing. Created by the ThermiAesthetics, the ThermiRF uses a temperature sensitive treatment probe, along with advanced infrared imaging, for precise and safe treatments. Brian M. Kinney, MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon, said, “Today’s aging baby boomers are asking for minimally invasive alternatives to traditional cosmetic surgery, but understand the limitations of topical, noninvasive approaches. ThermiRF allows me to provide safe and effective ‘in-between” solutions for patients who are asking for longer lasting treatments for frown lines, wrinkles of the face or neck, or who desire to avoid or delay getting a facelift.”

If you’re still not ready for invasive surgery and need a little toning boost, then try Thermage -- a unique radio frequency treatment that can help tighten sagging, loose skin and smooth out overall texture. In just one treatment eyes can become less hooded, the embarrassing “turkey neck” can be a thing of the past and unwanted bulges and dimples on the body can be erased, including temporarily improving the look of cellulite.

Thermage uses radio frequency energy to kick start the body’s natural renewal process. Heat energy is used to treat the deep tissue area with the combination of cooling effects, to protect the skin’s surface and provide patient comfort. Comfort Pulse Technology uses gentle vibrations to allow the Thermage treatment to be painless. Heat is added to the area being addressed in order to remodel the collagen for a smoother and tightened appearance.

So, will any of you be looking into these noninvasive anti-wrinkle treatments?