The Most Discreet Procedures to Create a Whole New Look

The Most Discreet Procedures to Create a Whole New Look
The Most Discreet Procedures to Create a Whole New Look

Spending as much time as I do researching and writing about plastic surgery, I’ve come to understand the intricacies of a lot of major procedures. Recovery times, complications, and all other aspects of the process are not to be taken lightly, despite being safe. Surgery is a commitment. Those of us new to plastic surgery may think that achieving a big aesthetic change requires one of those major procedures.

Not necessarily.

I’ve interviewed plastic surgeons on both coasts to get their perspective on discreet procedures that still produce a transformative result. Here they share insight and advice on relatively minor procedures that can create a major impact.

New York-based board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Haideh Hirmand recommends three non-invasive treatments with little-to-no downtime that can result in a huge difference for anyone. “They have synergistic effects in addressing volume, looseness and skin quality and when combined make a huge impact.”

First she suggests injectables (fillers and neuromodulators). Think Botox, Restylane and Juvederm. These help plump up wrinkled areas or freeze the muscles to prevent more (and deeper) wrinkles from forming. To research options, check out Smart Beauty Guide’s Overview of Injectables and Fillers, as well as How to Choose Your Injector

Her next suggestion is Ultherapy for tissue firming. This non-invasive technology uses ultrasound to lift the skin and is ideal for refreshing the eye, neck and chin areas. “Ultrasound treatments focus ultrasonic energy to the dermal layer (the deep layer of your skin). New collagen growth is stimulated, which gradually lifts and tightens the skin. Like radiofrequency and IPL, multiple treatments may be needed.” For more information click to review Smart Beauty Guide’s overview on nonsurgical skin tightening treatments .

Lastly Dr. Hirmand suggests moderate depth peels These relatively simple treatments can alleviate:

  • Wrinkles or sun-damaged skin.
  • Skin discolorations, blotchiness or brown spots.
  • Scars that have made the surface of your skin uneven.
  • Precancerous skin growths.

On the other coast, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Diaz, of Beverly Hills, CA says that there are “many surgical and non-surgical procedures that can be combined to create a beautiful, natural and transformative result. Two procedures that I think are beneficial for most people as they age are blepharoplasty, AKA eyelid surgery and dermal fillers.”

Dr. Diaz goes on to explain, “Upper and lower blepharoplasty and dermal fillers are less invasive than a facelift, but can significantly improve a person’s appearance. Removing the excess skin and bagginess of the eyes can provide a discreet yet transformative result.” These procedures can treat dark circles, puffy bags as well as excess skin to create a youthful and rejuvenated look. Dermal fillers are a powerful non-invasive compliment to upper and/or lower blepharoplasty. Fillers can also address the loss of volume that naturally occurs as we age and can dramatically improve the contours of the face creating a beautiful and youthful appearance.

“For example, filling in the temple area can instantly add a more youthful appearance to the face,” notes Dr. Diaz. “The mid-face is also a key place to add volume with fillers. Adding a filler to the mid-face restores volume to the cheek area and improves the appearance of nasolabial folds (smile lines). These techniques are subtle and provide very natural beautiful results.”

So, combining fillers with upper and/or lower blepharoplasty is a relatively less invasive combination that can create powerful and synergistic results. These techniques are discreet but can still produce a rejuvenating impact few people expect.

While characteristics of each patient, rest assured that there are small, safe and relatively easy procedures that can create a striking improvement.

Don't put off establishing a relationship with a plastic surgeon, just because you think you need to wait for a massive surgery. Start having these conversations now. Experienced, board-certified plastic surgeons are the best resources for helping you find the most youthful version of you. To find one in your area, use the Find A Surgeon search tool.
the particular combination of treatments will vary greatly depending on the individual

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