Angela: Laser Hair Removal Works

Due to her fair complexion, Angela found laser hair removal far more effective at getting rid of her dark hair than shaving or waxing. Shaving left the root of her hair visible on her skin and waxing was both painful and tedious. As more of her friends had success with laser hair removal, Angela thought it might be a good option for her.

The process was quick and was able to be done on her lunch break. For Angela, she did not know what to expect, so her first treatment was the most uncomfortable. Once she adjusted to the process, she found that she was more able to tolerate the discomfort, which felt like a rubber band snapping against your skin. It also became less painful since each treatment reduces the amount of hair in the area. Overall, it was much less painful than the traditional waxing process and the results are permanent.

Angela saw results 10 days after her treatment, with the hair falling right out. Her underarm hair was completely gone after 6 laser hair removal treatments, and she now only needs occasional shaving to keep her underarms completely hair-free. The cost of the laser hair removal was much less than the ongoing costs of continual waxing or shaving. For Angela, the experience and results of her laser hair removal were so positive, she is considering doing other parts of her body as well.