Is There Such a Thing as Seasonal Surgery?

Is There Such a Thing as Seasonal Surgery?
Is There Such a Thing as Seasonal Surgery?

Last summer, a good friend of mine underwent a medium chemical peel, also known as TCA (trichloroacetic acid) chemical peel, and spent the majority of the season indoors. While the rest of us were enjoying the beach, swim club and tennis courts she was following her doctor's orders of strict sun avoidance and ended up spending too much time on her computer and catching up on Netflix's latest offerings. Seems like it was poor planning to me.

So, is the winter the best time for plastic surgery? Yes. But, so are the summer, fall and spring! In fact, it seems that every season is the right time for cosmetic surgery. Las Vegas-based plastic surgeon, Dr. Christopher Khorsandi reveals that specific procedures do peak during different seasons, but that doesn't mean you have to abide by this popular schedule.

Here, he shares what his practice experiences:

Summer sees a lot more rhinoplasty surgery. Many of these patients are college or high school students who are off for the summer.

Fall gets a lot of facial rejuvenation, such as eyelid, face and neck lifts. I speculate that family get-togethers and the holidays are a motivation for patients to look good.

Winter brings a lot of liposuction because wearing post-surgical garments is a lot easier when it is cool out.

Spring is breast augmentation season. With lighter clothing and the thought of pool season looming, many people begin thinking of that beach body look.

Though this is the way things tend to play out in general, there seems to be no reason recovery-wise for you to schedule your surgery or procedure based on the seasons. Dr. Khorsandi does not believe this timetable should dictate when surgery is done. He says, "As far as I know there is no correlation with humidity, outdoor temperature and healing time." Coming from a surgeon who has worked in the Northeast, South Florida, Southern California, Texas and Las Vegas -- all with very different climates throughout the year -- he would know.

Khorsandi believes there's another, more important, deciding factor when scheduling a procedure; "I think having adequate recovery time is more important than timing the procedure around any given time of year." Since every procedure has a different recovery time, it's important to book it when you know you'll have enough time to heal properly instead of trying to squeeze it into an over-booked, jam-packed schedule. Your comfort also needs to be taken into consideration and this is where the seasonal factor comes into play: It just might make the most sense to schedule it at a time that you will feel the most comfortable temperature-wise. For example, a patient undergoing liposuction will need to wear a compression garment for some time post-procedure, which would feel much hotter to wear in summer's heat and humidity, and much more difficult to hide in summer's lighter-weight clothing. And, then there's convenience. Take laser resurfacing, still doable in the summer but much easier to protect your skin post-op during the cooler months.

If you're thinking of scheduling a little work it comes down to comfort, convenience and what works best for you, no matter what the season. A board-certified plastic surgeon can help advise. To find one in your area use the Find A Surgeon search tool.

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