Are divorcees flocking to the doc?

Are divorcees flocking to the doc?
Are divorcees flocking to the doc?

People opt for plastic surgery for a variety of reasons, whether they're trying to alter a physical feature they've had since birth, or they are looking to add a little sleekness to their shapes. Some men and women, however, seek cosmetic procedures following a significant life event, such as a divorce.

Surgeons caution against impulsively going under the knife, as many procedures have considerations that should be heavily thought about prior to the operation, but several doctors have reported seeing an influx of recent divorcees requesting consultations. 

A new beginning, a new you
ABC News interviewed several men and women who received plastic surgery post-divorce and discovered a few recurring themes among these individuals. According to divorcees, cosmetic procedures provide them with confidence they may have lost following their break-ups. Alicia Hunter, a 43-year-old from Florida, explained that she placed a great deal of effort on bettering her body in the three years following her divorce. Not only did she lose 60 pounds, but she opted for breast augmentation and Botox as well. 

"If I hadn't lost weight and done some tweaking, I don't think I would have ever set food outside the house," Hunter told the source. "I don't think I would have the guts to go out and be in the dating scene." 

One New York-based surgeon explained that this rising trend may be attributed to divorcees' desire to work on their own appearance and spend a little cash on themselves.

Another doctor added that while many recently divorced individuals request operations purely to improve their own confidence, a select few seek surgeries as revenge against a former spouse. However, he added he cautions against making any impulsive decision following a major life event, whether patients are asking for procedures, getting tattoos or radically altering their appearances. He suggested recent divorcees take time after the event before seriously considering plastic surgery - time that may allow them to truly assess their intentions and motivations. 

Men aren't missing out 
According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, men accounted for more than 1 million cosmetic procedures in 2013. Another surgeon from New York explained on his website that 35 percent of people who request a post-divorce procedure are men - though he delivers a similar warning to all people who have recently split from a spouse, noting that there's a big difference between altering an appearance to increase self-confidence and changing features to make another person jealous.