How much do celebrities influence plastic surgery trends?

How much do celebrities influence plastic surgery trends?
How much do celebrities influence plastic surgery trends?

Hollywood celebs are known for their perfect bodies and beautiful faces. Plastic surgeons may hear requests to mimic features of the stars, such as wanting fuller lips like Angelina Jolie or a straighter nose like Jennifer Aniston, but in spite of recent news stories, it is rare for men and women to seek procedures that make them resemble those stars completely.

Extreme plastic surgery
Nightline chronicled two women who underwent similar procedures to resemble some of Tinsel Town's most beautiful celebrities. Rosie, a 43-year-old marketing executive, sought a fat-grafting procedure to enlarge her cheeks to look more like Michelle Rodriguez, while 30-year-old Kitty spent close to $25,000 on an array of surgeries to look like Jennifer Lawrence.

Kitty, who works as a dog trainer, was often told before she had the surgery that she looked like the Oscar-winning actress. She wanted to have the surgery not only because she admired the young starlet's appearance, but also to help get her body back into shape after becoming a mother. She had six procedures to resemble Lawrence, including liposuction, fat-grafting to her cheeks and butt, a rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. 

Rosie had also been told she looked like her celebrity doppelganger and used that as motivation to get in shape and have her fat-grafting procedure. In fact, after liposuction and fat injections to her face, she thinks she looks less like Rodriguez, but she was still happy with her results.

"This is me," she said. "I don't have to look like her. So, not disappointed."

Media attention for the worse
Kitty has been featured by a number of media outlets following her procedures, including E! Online, New York Daily News and Cosmopolitan. It has been revealed that she received a discount for sharing her story on TV and a lot of the criticism from the media has been less than positive. She stressed that she did not want the procedure to receive media attention, but rather to improve her own self-confidence.

While there is usually a lot of media coverage on these extreme cases of celebrity surgery, most plastic surgery is based on realistic, individual needs from regular people. Multiple studies have shown that most plastic surgery patients have realistic expectations about their procedures and feel healthier and more confident after surgery.