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  • Plastic surgery and Marilyn Monroe: What is the real truth?

    "Diamonds are a girl's best friend," next to her plastic surgeon. Many have wondered if Monroe relied on plastic surgery to fill in nature's gaps and lately that speculation has increased. 

    X-rays of the Monroe's skull and medical records, alluding to cosmetic surgery on her chin and nose, will be auctioned in Beverly Hills on Nov. 10. Of note is that the right to medical privacy ends 50 years after a person's death and Monroe died 51 years ago. 

  • South Korea sees increase in 'Gangnam Style' face lifts

    Seoul has become the unofficial beauty belt for Asian women looking to enhance their facial features - particularly in the Gangnam​ district, an affluent neighborhood popularized by Korean pop star Psy's viral hit, "Gangnam Style." According to Bloomberg Businessweek, the South Korea capital has seen a spike in women traveling to the city to receive plastic surgery procedures.  

  • Federal court upholds the right of plastic surgeons to promote ABPS board certification

    A billboard depicts a tearful woman saying, "I didn't know my cosmetic surgeon wasn't a plastic surgeon." This is the most visible part of an ad campaign launched by the Utah Board of Plastic Surgery to increase public awareness that all plastic surgeons are not created equal. Basically, there are those with board certification in plastic surgery from the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) and those that label themselves "cosmetic" or "plastic surgeons," but come from different specialties and are certified by different boards. 

  • Plastic surgery: Where beauty and medicine coexist

    If you’re lucky, you have a hairdresser you can trust. Now it’s time to find a plastic surgeon. About five years ago, I worked as an editor for a plastic surgery journal published by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. One of my tasks was to find cover art for each issue, so we asked member plastic surgeons to submit artwork. I was flooded with submissions. 

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