5 Tips for Taking Better Selfies

5 Tips for Taking Better Selfies
5 Tips for Taking Better Selfies

The latest in plastic surgery news is how Los Angeles talent manager, Triana Lavey dropped $15,000 for plastic surgery in the quest for a perfect Instagram selfie, according to eonline.com

Lavey justifies this expenditure with this statement: "Today this business is moving at the speed of the Internet," Lavey said. "Your selfie is your head shot so you can reinvent yourself every day with your iPhone. It's a legitimate form of promoting yourself."

True, but $15,000 in elective surgery may be a bit of an extreme solution for some. According to the article, Lavey underwent a nose job, a chin implant, Botox and fat grafting in order to achieve the face she wanted.

Of course there is nothing wrong with plastic surgery, but if that’s not an option for you, here are some alternative (read: painless) ways to improve your selfie.

1. Be aware of what’s behind you. Make sure your background is clear with no messes. Just like with any ordinary camera, it’s important to frame your subject, in this case, YOU!

2. Make sure to look at the lens when you snap the photo. If you’re looking at yourself, your selfie won’t be as engaging because you will appear to be looking at something other than the person viewing the photo.

3. Hold the camera at a distance to avoid distorting your face, but don’t allow your facial expressions to show your efforts.

4. Pay attention to lighting. Your most flattering light will be coming from the front or side. If you stand back-to a bright light, your selfie will be backlit, and your face will be dark.

5. Relax! Seriously. It’s the most important rule of all. If you are relaxed and happy, you will look natural and pretty. If you’re trying too hard, you will look . . . like you are trying too hard!

If all of these methods don’t give you the picture you’re looking for, then plastic surgery is certainly an option. Some affordable, nonsurgical options include skin resurfacing with chemical peels, IPL and microdermabrasion or some wrinkle reduction and contouring with Botox and fillers. Check out the great procedural information in the Facial Rejuvenation section of Smart Beauty Guide.

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