FACE-WASHING 101: The right way to wash your face

FACE-WASHING 101: The right way to wash your face
FACE-WASHING 101: The Right Way To Wash Your Face.

Get up. Brush your teeth. Wash your face. What could go wrong?

The Today Show kicked off a recent segment with a bang by breaking the devastating news that the entire lot of us may have already spent our entire lives washing our faces wrong. WRONG!

Well, we here at Smart Beauty aren’t about to go down like that. So let’s delve into what the heck the morning show was jabbering about, and how the heck we can fix our wicked face-washing ways.

Without fail, the show rallied up a few “guinea pigs” to display their own personal face-washing prowess, and it quickly became clear that the show had set these poor people up for failure. Mere seconds past the application process, contestant number one was shamed with a rousing “WRONG” and scolded for not washing her own hands before taking her filthy, though cleanser-doused, mitts to her own face.

But who knew? It seems, the obvious idea of washing ones own paws before touching the facial zone has been lost on us… for our entire lives!

Washing your hands first will ensure that the germs and bacteria are actually being removed from your face and not just swished around in a sudsy concoction of disgustingness (my words, folks.) The same goes for your makeup. In order to not simply smear your makeup and its residue all around your face, it’s best to actually remove your makeup first with a makeup wipe, particularly when it comes to removing stubborn mascara, liner, heavy foundations, and lipstains.

Knowing that face-washing is a multi-gendered phenomena, the morning show steps up next to ridicule a ridiculously handsome (no seriously, it’s ridiculous) man-creature, for kicking off his morning ritual using a ridiculous amount of cleanser. It seems using no more than a dime-sized dab of cleanser will help you avoid any irritation that can be caused by most products surfactants (foaming agents, emulsifiers, detergents), followed by a 10-15 second rinse of lukewarm water. Water that is too hot or cold can damage your skin and create more inflammation and irritation. Bad man-creature! BAD!

Refraining from overzealous scrubbing is another big no-no, as too much rub-a-dub-dubbing in the face-washing department can actually cause damage to your skin. Ditto drying your face post washing — a simple patting motion with a soft clean towel will do. Primary wording: Clean Towel.

Whether you’re adhering to the once a day face-washing philosophy, or the twice a day face-washing philosophy, you’re going to want to do it right, so here’s a recap of the right way to wash your face.

  1. Wash hands and use a clean towel.
  2. Remove makeup.
  3. Use no more than a dime size of cleanser and only lukewarm water.
  4. Refrain from overzealous scrubbing and sudsing.
  5. Pat dry.

Well, hello, gorgeous!

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