Demystifying even more skincare myths

Demystifying even more skincare myths
Demystifying even more skincare myths

It seems the Halloween season’s main mantra is alive and well in the world of skincare. Is it a trick? Is it a treat? Or is it simply one more beautifying myth begging to be busted? With the overabundance of skin-care misconceptions being passed from pillar to post, we here at the Smart Beauty Guide like to chime in, from time to time, with a little something called “facts.” You know you’ve heard of ‘em. So in the spirit of helping you separate fact from fiction and making the best possible decisions in what’s best for your skin, let’s dive in and demystify a few more popular skin-care myths.

This time let’s take on the rumor mongering amongst the cosmeceutical set, starting with the age-old quandary: Can you ever really get rid of cellulite?

Not really. No. Real Simple magazine delivered the hard cold facts by telling us that there is no (zero — zilch — nada — nil) permanent cellulite fix. Not even liposuction, which removes excess deep-fat deposits, can always improve the surface of the skin to the degree where the dimpled effect is invisible.” *ENTER: tissue box.

If you can manage to read on through your sobbing, there are treatments and products that might minimize the look of cellulite for a few months — but unfortunately, a few months are the best results you’ll likely see.

Next up on the skincare misconception chopping block? Botox. Does it really prevent wrinkles?

In theory, yes. But in practical terms, there really are no long-term studies that support this claim. Real simple keeps it real simple (no pun intended) stating if you relax the muscles that you continually contract, you’ll be less likely to see creases over time. But other strategies, like say sunscreen and keeping up proper skin care, are probably more reliable and certainly less expensive options for fending off those fine lines and wrinkles.

You mean we have to actually take care of our skin? How’s that for a buzz-kill? *Sigh.

And today’s final skincare misconception: Is it really necessary to use skin-care products from the same line?

No. No. No. Blame the myth-making marketers on this one. The only plus — outside of you A-types who like to keep a nicely uniform cosmetics collection — is that there may be certain ingredients that companies pepper throughout individual lines that increase their effectiveness when used together. Say your blemish product contains an anti-acne cleanser with salicylic acid to help unclog pores, and the same line’s gel treatment contains glycolic acid to prevent future acne — do other lines offer the same ingredients? Yes. Does sticking with one brand make it easier to get that one-two punch? Yes.

When it comes to your skin, there is no shortage of sinister half-truths and skincare misconceptions. Let us know what complexion quandary you’re puzzling over and we’ll do our best to help you get to the truth.

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