Bursting the bubble on skincare misconceptions

Bursting the bubble on skincare misconceptions
Bursting the Bubble on Skin-Care Misconceptions

Who gives a flying fig about such trivial things as facts? You guessed it — we here at Smart Beauty do! From generations old wives tales to the marketing of “modern technology,” there is no shortage of skin-care misconceptions being touted as the truth. And while fairy-tales and false assumptions are entertaining, they’re not all that helpful when it comes to making decisions about taking care of your skin. So get those safety pins out — and prepare to burst some skin-care belief bubbles!

Let’s start by dispelling the one skin-care misconception that deliciously benefits everyone: Does junk food really cause acne?

No, Virginia, junk food does not cause acne. A recent article from Real Simple Magazine notes that there is no direct correlation between junk food and breakouts or acne. You might want to hold off your jaunt down the candy aisle, though, as there is an association between consuming high-glycemic foods and inflammation, which can cause acne in people prone to breakouts.

What about getting your mug squeaky clean?

Sadly, Grandma had that one wrong too. It seems scrubbing your mug to a squeaky sheen more than twice a day can actually do more damage than good. “The water-cleanser combo can strip skin of its natural oils and compromise its barrier, which can set you up for irritation and dehydration. Perhaps quelling that OCD-ish 3rd, 4th, and 5th face scrub, paired with a morning and night gentle cleanser (glucose-based or derived from coconut oil) is the best answer.

Another big skincare misconception that requires our attention is that using a high SPF sunscreen means you can stay out in the sun longer. Ah, no.

SPF is NOT an indicator of how long the product is protecting you from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays, it is a measure of how well it protects. An SPF 15 sunscreen will filter out 93 percent of UVB light, whereas an SPF 30 product will filter out 97 percent. Regardless of the number, it’s essential to generously apply and reapply a teaspoon size portion of broad-spectrum sunscreen to your face and a shot-glass size amount to your body every two hours. No tantrums. Just do it.

The skincare industry is chock full of skincare misconceptions, and separating fact from fiction is no small task. So in the spirit of keeping it real, let us get to the bottom of some of your worst skincare head scratchers — don’t be shy! What skincare misconception would you like answers to?

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