I may be far from 25, but I will deny it

I may be far from 25, but I will deny it
I May Be Far From 25, But I Will Deny It

What Smart Beauty Means to Me or I May Be Far From 25, But I Will Deny That Fact Until Someone Provides Proof Otherwise

I'm Jenny Isenman AKA Jenny From the Blog. I'm a humorist, a lifestyle expert, an on air personality, and a Gen Xer. Yep, I'm a bonafide caffeine addicted, pop culture obsessed, movie quoting, Scott Baio loving, puffy sticker collecting member of Generation X. You know the innovators, the MTV generation, the latchkey kids, the generation you’re most likely a part of?

Yeah, that one.

Remember how totally awesome we were at being the young generation, the ones that stood out, the ones that got noticed by cute boys with mullets? Now, we're the ones that get called ma'am at Starbucks. We're also the ones who were touted to be the most educated and adaptable generation and we're freakin' aging … rapidly.

Many of us are in our 40s. I know, when did that happen, right? How did we turn 40 when we felt 25? I just turned 40, even though I was pretty sure I was still 25. I mean all signs pointed to the fact that I was. I felt about 25, I imagined myself to be fun like a 25 year old would be, I had a sense that the adults in the world were handling the important things like laws, keeping the government open, and who should get voted off of Big Brother.

Yes, I was quite certain I was 25, well, except when I tried to run up a flight of stairs, or touch my toes, or stay out past midnight, or when I talked to actual 25 year olds and didn't get their lingo, their references or those things they put in their earlobes to stretch out the holes. Nope, those are the times I felt closer to 80. (Seriously, are their parents OK with them stretching out their ears like that?)

I also don't feel 25 when I look in the mirror and have to turn around to make sure no one is behind me. You know, like some older person that looks like me trying to photo-bomb my vanity or punk me? I check myself out in the mirror, and find that my cellulite has cellulite. I notice my crows feet begging for Botox, and my laugh lines crying for filler, and Ashton Kutcher never pops out of the linen closet, laughing at me for falling for the old aging mirror trick!

That said, the question is, how can we get from point A: Aging at a shockingly rapid pace, paying for the damage we did to our skin with Bain de 'Soleil gelee and reflectors, noticing that our eyelids are unevenly sagging, and being aware that we have deep set parenthesis lines that could score us work as a ventriloquist's dummy ... to point B: Looking and feeling a hell of a lot younger than we are? (PS - I'm thinking a decade younger, at a minimum. With 40 being the new 30 et al, the right treatments may be able to make me look 18, nay, 6.)

The answer is simply the Smart Beauty Guide. In a nutshell, Smart Beauty is knowing when new innovations (ones us Gen Xers probably thought up) are hitting the market and what to expect from them. It's about having an understanding of what products and procedures are available, which ones work the best, what they do, when we need them, and who should administer them. I'm obsessed with Smart Beauty, with being in the know, with the possibility of having people faint in shock when I tell them my real age.

We Gen Xers are all aging together why not set the new standard in aging, the new trend? The not looking your age trend. I plan on tackling everything, whether we're talking peels, injectables, lasers, products, or procedures, I'm gonna tell you your options to turn back the hands of time. Seriously, we will get to the bottom of this aging thing together. Be warned, when we're done you may look and feel 20 years younger (which of course, would be awkward if you're only 30, but screw it -- maybe someone will buy you a shiny new bike).

I hope you come along for the ride.

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Jenny Isenman AKA “Jenny From the Blog” a pop culture obsessed, card carrying Gen Xer, and the humorist behind the award winning site, The Suburban Jungle.com. Jenny does on air segments as a Generation X, Parenting, and Lifestyle expert for NBC, CBS, FOX, Huff Po Live, and hosted the Jenny Isenman Show for CafeMom. Jenny claims that reading her work will make you smarter, tanner and reduces cellulite... at the very least it’ll keep you literate.