Fatten Up - Will Fat Transfer Replace Fillers?

Fatten Up - Will Fat Transfer Replace Fillers?
Fatten Up - Will Fat Transfer Replace Fillers?

Your face: the one place that you don’t want to lose fat is ironically the one that does. I’d play Alanis Morissette’s song Ironic, but one of my kids erased her songs from my playlist. More irony, I suppose. Most people assume that when the fat is lost, it’s time for filler and they aren’t wrong, but what they don’t think about is using the natural filler they make at home, fat. I know, I made it sound like moonshine, but the procedure is actually highly technical and with a skilled plastic surgeon can be highly effective.

What is it?
Autologous fat grafting is the process of taking fat from one part of your body, where you probably wouldn’t miss it, and injecting it into a part that’s hollowed, sunken, or flattened. The fat is harvested via liposuction.

What does it help with?
Volume restoration: facial sagging, hollow cheeks, and overall face sculpting and rejuvenation.

Why it may be better than fillers?
Fat is considered semi-permanent to permanent. Generally fillers last 6 months to 2 years depending on which one you choose.

It’s from your own body (it doesn’t get more natural than that). You’re simply moving living cells from one place to another and reintegrating them into your system. This means it will feel and move in a way that is comfortable and normal.

Many patients suggest that color and skin tone are improved after the transfer. This may be due to the fact that you are adding living stem cells to that area.

The entire face can be injected if necessary including, the brow, forehead, temples, chins— not just the traditional filler sites.

Do the math. It may turn out that a fat transfer is more cost effective than yearly visits to inject filler.

What should I know?
Fat transfers are not for filling fine lines and creases. They are generally reserved for larger areas of considerable volume loss.

Use traditional fillers first. This is the kind of procedure you don’t want to do on a whim. If you are someone that has been using fillers and know the results and want them more permanently, you’re the perfect candidate. If you’re looking to fill areas for the first time, try something that can be reversed or that has a shorter life span to avoid regret.

Make sure you consult with a skilled and board certified plastic surgeon to perform the procedure. Sculpting the face with fat can have incredible results, but it should be done by a highly trained professional. Remember, this isn’t moonshine you’re making.

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