For Chaz Bono, plastic surgery was transformative

For Chaz Bono, plastic surgery was transformative

In one year, Chaz Bono lost 85 pounds, but he was left with overhanging abdominal skin and a chin in need of chiseling. Bono went public with his problem, shedding his tee shirt live on "The Doctors" show. He recently returned to "The Doctors," looking slim and toned as a result of his recent tummy tuck and neck liposuction.

Bono has come a long way. Not only did he struggle with weight but with gender identity. As the only child of Cher and Sonny all of his struggles were fodder for the media. He attributed his excess weight to issues involving his childhood and teens. "This is really hard for me, and this is an issue that I don't talk about with people because it's so personal," Chaz said. "I think it just really hits at some of those core issues from my childhood that I haven't really dealt with."

Two plastic surgeons, appearing on "The Doctors" with Bono, clarified that excess skin, resulting from extreme weight loss, can be removed by surgery only. Although Bono chose surgery to remove skin (and not pounds), he did say he was hoping that surgery would make him look thinner. If you saw him on the show, you would certainly agree that he achieved that goal.

The weight came off with diet, exercise and one of the newer, approved diet pills. Bono attributes the loss to 90 percent diet vs. 10 percent exercise, which highlights the importance of diet.

He enlisted the help of a dietician, trainer and endocrinologist who made sure he was doing what he was supposed to and, as a result, Bono's overall health has gotten better. He has had so much improvement in his cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood glucose that anyone would be happy with the numbers he now has.

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