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  • I Saw A Refreshed Version of Myself After Botox

    As James stared at his reflection in the mirror, he realized he’d started developing wrinkles on his face. He consulted with his board-certified plastic surgeon about getting Botox. “There is a new way of thinking when it comes to anti-aging. It is not just about the big facelift it is also about the minor touch-ups throughout your decades,” explained James. 

  • Why Male Plastic Surgery Procedures Are on the Rise

    According to the 2014 cosmetic surgery statistics, male aesthetic procedures went up 43% over a five year period. Dr. Grant Stevens, a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Marina Del Rey, California explains why male aesthetic procedures are on the rise. 

  • Chin Surgery Options for Men

    Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. David Kahn who is based in Palo Alto, California, explains the two options in chin surgery. 

    ”Depending on what you want to change, there are two options, if it is to increase the size of your chin, you can either cut the bone and advance it or you can add a chin implant,” explains Dr. Kahn. 

    Chin surgery or chin implants are designed to rejuvenate your facial contours and provide balance to your facial features. 

  • Man Power: Men Get Cued in and Queue Up for Cosmetic Surgery

    Once the stomping ground of vintage Hollywood actresses and grande dames clamoring for their lost youth, the world of cosmetic surgery has come a long way, baby. From neuromodulators (Botox) and fillers, to lasers, facelifts and beyond — we may not be winning the war on aging, but we’re certainly looking better for the fight. And gosh darn it the menfolk want in on that action too.  

  • The Forbes Facelift: It’s a Company Man’s World

    Women may spend more time and money on beauty, but don’t be fooled… many men are as invested in their appearance, and as the stigma against that investment is slowly lifting, a greater number of them turn to cosmetic procedures. Between 1997 and 2013, there was a 273% increase of men getting plastic surgery. They’re a booming part of the industry, which got me wondering, what are men having done? 

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