Do Your Ears Hang Low? Earlobe Reduction Can Fix That!

Do Your Ears Hang Low? Earlobe Reduction Can Fix That!
Do Your Ears Hang Low? Earlobe Reduction Can Fix That!

"Do Your Ears Hang Low?" is a song you might remember from your childhood. Though this ditty is meant to bring on the laughs, it's actually not so funny if you're one of the many who are unhappy with their ears. Being dissatisfied with your appearance can greatly affect your self-esteem, confidence, general attitude towards life and the day-to-day way you deal with other people. If your earlobes do hang low or are otherwise simply not to your liking and you find yourself hiding them by styling your hair to cover them up or even just wishing they were different, it might be time to consider earlobe reduction surgery.

There are different types of cosmetic ear surgeries. Los Angeles, CA-based, Dr. Brent Moelleken says, "Earlobe reduction surgery differs from otoplasty in that it's basically a procedure to reduce the size of the earlobes, not a solution to correct excessive prominence of the ears or issues with the rim of the ear." If your ears stick out, otoplasty can help you. If your earlobes hang low, are too large or floppy, have changed over time, or just don't suit you, then earlobe reduction surgery is what you're looking for.

Earlobe reduction surgery is a common procedure, usually performed under local anesthesia, but the surgery itself isn't as simple as it sounds. According to Dr. Moelleken, "Earlobe reduction surgery is always a bit tricky, because a surgeon should always leave the ear appearing natural, which requires an artistic eye, a sense of balance, and a steady hand!" He adds that this surgery is, "…actually quite technical since the incisions need to be cleverly hidden, so that scarring is minimally perceptible." Since no one wants any tell-tale signs pointing out what they've had done, you do want those incisions to be concealed as well as possible so everything looks as natural as can be.

Another reason the surgery isn't as simple as it sounds is there are multiple motives that could prompt someone to undergo this surgery, so it's not a one-size-fits-all medical procedure. A surgeon will use different techniques depending on the reason behind the surgery:

  • For earlobes that are simply too large, the procedure usually involves a more straightforward procedure of removing a wedge of tissue from the ear in an inconspicuous fashion.
  • When the issue is a change in the look of the ear over time (too large and/or floppy), the extra skin can be reduced and/or the volume of the earlobes can be made smaller.
  • If earlobe reduction surgery is required due to a facelift or mini-lift, ears can be re-anchored, reestablishing the earlobe, and reduced in size as well.

Many factors determine what makes an ear beautiful: Its size, position and whether it works in harmony with your other features figures. This is why it's crucial to do your homework before undergoing any cosmetic surgical procedure. Always make sure you're in the hands of a board-certified plastic surgeon and scrutinize their before and after photos before deciding to move ahead with any work. This helps you determine the doctor's skill level and ensures that your personal aesthetic and the doctor’s are simpatico.

Like any surgical procedure, this one has a price tag. You can expect to pay a few thousand dollars and up, depending on your plastic surgeon, the exact procedure performed and the anesthetic choices the procedure requires. Do your research so you wind up with results that keep you from covering up. Isn't it about time you live with ears that make you grin…ear to ear?

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