Cherrie's Restorative Eyelid Surgery

One day, while Cherrie was driving one of her beloved vintage cars, she was in a car accident resulting in injuries that included a lacerated eye. As Cherrie began to heal, she noticed that her eye no longer looked the same and sought out the help of a board-certified plastic surgeon for possible eyelid surgery. She explained to her doctor that she didn’t recognize the face she saw every day in the mirror. It began to affect her self-esteem, and she could not bring herself to even drive in the same car she’d driven in the accident.

At the time of the accident, it was crucial to get her immediate medical assistance and ensure that she did not lose any function in her eye. But with facial lacerations especially, it is wise to seek out a surgeon skilled in aesthetics at the hospital. Plastic surgeons will help ensure that not only is the wound closed properly, but that it is done in a way to ensure the best visual outcome. Once Cherrie’s eye was redone, she found her beauty reclaimed and her love of vintage cars restored.

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