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  • How to properly exfoliate

    Wintertime is here and the dry skin is baaaaack! 

    I don’t know about you, but every year I struggle with dry and itchy skin. Suddenly my face, which was smooth and glowing for the past few months, becomes a playground for the cold, dry weather that loves to take its toll on my delicate epidermis. Instead of being moist and supple, my skin feels tight and looks flaky and pulled taught.  

    I usually switch to a richer moisturizer when cold weather strikes, but the key to getting through the winter without being a flaky monster is exfoliation. 

  • How to combat those pesky wrinkles

    It’s amazing to me how you can have plump, youthful, glowing skin one day, and the next morning you wake up and look in the mirror and see crow’s feet and elevens. You know what elevens are, right? Those lovely wrinkles that form between your eyes, just above your nose? 

    Crow’s feet and elevens are a dead giveaway that you’ve transitioned from the 30s to the 40s. At 41, I feel like I find new wrinkles every time I look in the mirror. 

  • What are injectables?

    What are injectables? 

    It’s a term I hear floating around, but I wasn’t entirely sure what it was referring to. All I knew was that it meant some type of cosmetic procedure, and I could assume that it required inserting something into the skin, probably with a needle. Beyond that, I was clueless. So I hopped on the Smart Beauty Guide website and started poking around. Here is what I discovered. 

    What are injectables? 

  • What does smart beauty mean to you?

    I’m so excited to be joining the team of bloggers here at Smart Beauty Guide! I’m Jo-Lynne Shane -- a wife and mom to three young kids, trying to stay fabulous after 40 and sharing my escapades on my blog.  

    We live in the suburbs of Philly, and I spend most of my time hiding behind my computer screen, tapping out my thoughts and sharing recipes and fashion advice with other moms like me who are trying to get through the day in one piece!  

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