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  • Winterize your beauty and skincare regimen

    It’s cold. Really cold. “Polar Vortex” cold. Winter 2014 has packed a wallop when it comes to dipping temperatures, and despite your best efforts, your skin is likely showing it. 

    The turning of the seasons isn’t something to be sniffed at, as each spring, summer, fall, and winter comes with its own special brand of beauty pitfalls. From spring’s fight with unwanted hair, to summer’s punishing UV rays, your regimen is liable to change according to the calendar — which means that your products and procedures should too.  

  • Target those stubborn dry skin areas!

    Hey ladies, last week we looked at your overall winter skincare routine. This week, let’s focus on those cold weather problem areas — namely your eyes, lips, elbows, knees, and feet — where winter likes to set up a veritable flaky, dry skin factory. 

  • New Year, new you: Undoing December’s damage

    Oh, the weather outside is frightful (“Polar Vortex,” people), and the view from inside isn’t that great either. You’re probably taking stock of the damage that December’s holiday hammer has put on your person — namely a dehydrated and dull complexion, chapped flaky lips, and itchy dry skin. We here at Smart Beauty Guide aren’t going to be taking this New Year’s nonsense lying down… and we’re not going to let you either. 

  • Taking the mystery out of retinoids

    To wash or not to wash? To apply or not to apply? And then… how to apply? Proper skincare is not always the easiest thing to decipher. All of it is made even more confusing with the latest miracle products and procedures including everyone’s favorite staple --retinoids. Along with their beloved powers to diminish fine lines, give skin a rosy glow, and fade dark spots, retinoids also come with a million questions and concerns. 

  • Emergency beauty tips to undo holiday damage

    We’re in the home stretch of holiday cheer—which means that, by now, you may be looking more haggard mall Santa than ethereal Christmas angel. This will not do. So in the spirit of the season, we’ve muddled together a cocktail of DIY emergency beauty tips to help repair the damage from the inevitable overindulgence in eggnog, parties, and late nights. Consider it our Smart Beauty Guide gift to you. You’re welcome. Let’s begin. 

  • A history lesson in Retin-A

    Gather round kiddies — it’s story time! We’re going to weave a web of alchemy, Pope-dom, Jack Daniels, prison, and the search for the fountain of youth — combining history and science in the story of how Retin-A came to be… and how it almost didn’t happen.  

    An article in Allure magazine recently turned us on to the adventures (and misadventures) of one particular University of Pennsylvania medical school professor named Albert Kligman, who made that one giant leap and discovered what is now considered the gold standard in anti-aging — Retin-A. 

  • Hey you: You’re washing your face wrong

    It’s not exactly brain surgery, but that doesn't mean the mindless slapping on and rinsing off of your face cleanser is the correct way to wash your face. ‘Cause it’s not. It seems an inordinate amount of us are washing our faces wrong, with a recent article in Allure Magazine citing a whopping 70% of women still using soap and water. SOAP and WATER?! Are you kidding me? No. 

    It’s these shameful statistics that lead us to harping on about the how-to’s of face washing — yes, again. We’re going to do this until we’re all doing it right. 

  • Overzealous skincare gets taken to task.

    You can never have too much of a good thing, right? Wrong. The killjoys at Town and Country magazine, recently set out to warn us against the dangers of overzealous skincare, claiming that slathering on layer upon layer of multi-branded products is ever-increasingly leading to skin drama — you know, breakouts, skin sensitivity, and rashes. Oh my. 

  • 3 ways to tame your turkey neck

    It’s time to talk turkey, and we’re not referring to the star of your Thanksgiving soiree. What we mean is your neck. More specifically, the loose, sagging skin on your neck that starts to resemble a turkey’s waddle as we age — hence the ever unflattering term: turkey neck. 

    Sadly, there’s nothing that betrays the real digits on your drivers license faster than your neck. Okay… maybe your hands too… but I digress. 

  • A Cure for bitchy resting face?

    Commence with the name-calling! Oh wait. No, don’t. Because, in fact, that waitress, boss, or co-worker, who appears to be giving you the stink eye may simply be a genetic recipient of a pop-cultural affliction known as a “bitchy resting face.” 

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