Factors That Contribute to a Successful Breast Augmentation Surgery

Factors That Contribute to a Successful Breast Augmentation Surgery

Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Adam Schaffner discusses the tools and techniques for performing a successful breast augmentation procedure. “Breast surgery can be very complex and trying to achieve the results, especially subtle results, is both an art and a science,” notes. Dr. Schaffner.

Dr. Schaffner advises patients to search for plastic surgeons who are board-certified by the American Board of Plastic surgery and to also do their homework. “It’s more than just being board-certified, it’s looking at before and after photographs to see whether or not the aesthetic eye of the plastic surgeon matches the aesthetic eye of the patient, and having that patient talk with other patients, as well as reading online reviews.”

Having access to 3-D imaging helps plastic surgeons and their patients determine whether or not one particular type of implants is better suited for the patient. Dr. Schaffner explains, “Sometimes patients may want a narrower high profile implant and sometimes they want implants that are less high profile and less projecting.”

“Some women desire an internal bra for additional support. There are a lot of options to choose from, including AlloDerm, a regenerative tissue matrix, and mesh support systems such as Seri Scaffold and GalaFLEX,” notes Dr. Schaffner. “Going through these options and tools will give plastic surgeons the best likelihood of achieving a good result that the patient is happy with.”

The Keller Funnel allows the silicone gel implant to slide easily into the breast pocket and only requires a small incision. Having a small incision means less bruising, pain, swelling and scarring.

“If the implant doesn’t touch the surgeons gloves or the patient’s skin, it is less likely to get contaminated, and will remain sterile. It is also less likely to cause any potential complications,” explains Dr. Schaffner. “Identifying what the concerns of the patient are, precise surgical planning and execution in the operating room, and good post-operative care, are some of the factors that will maximize the likelihood of a successful outcome.”

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