Breast Surgery After Double Mastectomy

Breast Surgery After Double Mastectomy

For patient Lynn, she decided to have breast augmentation at 36 years old. 10 years later, she decided to do it again, but only a year and a half after that procedure, Lynn was diagnosed with breast cancer. This led her to decide to return to her surgeon, with whom she had a great relationship, due to her two previous procedures, to perform a third. She decided to have a mastectomy with her oncologist, with her board certified plastic surgeon doing her reconstruction.

She discussed the procedures thoroughly with her surgeon, and he came into the surgery room directly after her oncologist had completed the breast removal. He then inserted expanders into her chest, so that when she woke up and saw that she was not concave, she was quite happy.

Every week or two, she would go to her surgeon’s office to have saline put into her expanders, which stretched her skin out. Once she and her surgeon felt that she was the right size for her, she went in for a simple surgical procedure, going back through the incision to insert the implants. Two weeks later, Lynn was done and felt fabulous.

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