Can breast implants improve your sex life?

Can breast implants improve your sex life?
Can breast implants increase your sex life?

Breast augmentation can alter a woman's physique, but can it change her sex life as well? According to studies conducted by Real Self and the University of Florida, the answer is yes.

Each agency polled two separate groups of women who had received breast implants in the past to discover if and how their sex lives were affected by the surgery. What they found was that the majority of respondents reported having better love lives after the procedure, claiming that they not only had more sex, but their experiences were much more pleasurable.

Reports of increased sexual activity and enjoyment
Real Self conducted a poll in 2012 among visitors to the website who had recently received breast augmentation. According to the data, 61 percent of women reported to having sex more frequently after their surgery. Additionally, 70 percent of participants said their overall sexual satisfaction increased, with 28 percent remarking that on a ten-point scale, their love lives improved by four notches.

In a separate study, researchers from the University of Florida studied a group of women ages 21 to 57 years old who underwent breast surgery. Prior to the surgery, women were given a questionnaire that asked about self-perceptions, including self-esteem and sex lives. After the operation, patients reported a 78.6 percent increase in sexual desire, 81 percent improvement in arousal and 57 percent rise in satisfaction.

Confidence is key
Individuals who received breast work were more likely to enjoy sexual activity, but why? A plastic surgeon in the Dallas area, told Real Self that confidence plays a big role.

"I see a transformation in what patients wear and how they carry themselves in the office after having breast augmentation," The doctor told the source. "In my personal opinion, women definitely feel more confident after the procedure, and you can easily see how that improved confidence will lead to improvements in other areas of their lives."

Ladies who receive breast implants are more likely to be happier with their bodies, which leads to a greater self-perception, according to researchers at the University of Florida. They concluded that this increased confidence came not only from the satisfaction women felt with their physique, but from increased attention they received from other people as well. They warned, however, that women should not pursue cosmetic surgery solely to boost their sex lives, as self-esteem comes from within and not solely from external factors.