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  • Factors That Contribute to a Successful Breast Augmentation Surgery

    Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Adam Schaffner discusses the tools and techniques for performing a successful breast augmentation procedure. “Breast surgery can be very complex and trying to achieve the results, especially subtle results, is both an art and a science,” notes. Dr. Schaffner. 

  • Six Reasons Why You Might Need a Breast Revision Surgery

    Breast revision surgery increased by 30% from 2013 to 2014 according to ASAPS annual statistics. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Edwards who is based in Las Vegas explains why breast revisions might be necessary despite best efforts and planning. 

  • The Importance of Including a Plastic Surgeon on a Cancer Recovery Team

    When we think about cancer, we think about surgery, medication, sickness and fear of the unknown. But how often do we think beyond that - to a return to normalcy, on both the inside and the outside?  

  • Breast Augmentation Using Your Body Fat

    For patients looking to enhance their breasts without necessarily enlarging them, fat grafting is an alternative to breast implants. The process involves harvesting fat from different parts of the body and processing it then injecting it into the breast tissue for enlargement, explains Louisiana based plastic surgeon, Dr. Kamran Khoobehi. 

  • Mom Boobs to Beach Boobs: The Summer Prescription

    Somewhere between conception and college, the child rearing experience is guaranteed to provide at least three things: joy, chaos, and physical changes. Those physical changes can be gradual or sudden, and one of the most daunting is the onset of “mom boobs.” Mom boobs are exactly what they sound like — they’re what’s left after the careful and considerate act of pregnancy, childbirth, and getting through infancy. Many women simply don’t love putting their usually-deflated and softer boobs back into bathing suits come warmer weather. 

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