Non-Surgical Fat Reduction: The Cool Down

Non-Surgical Fat Reduction: The Cool Down
Non-Surgical Fat Reduction: The Cool Down

By now, we’re all aware of how liposuction works, and while some sing its praises, not everyone loves – or can even stomach – the idea of surgery. It entails potential risk, not to mention downtime that can keep you from working or even leaving your bed (actually, that second part doesn’t sound so bad…). As time goes on, though, technology continues to offer more and more alternatives to surgery, and one of the latest is CoolSculpting.

There are already a number of non-surgical fat reduction treatments out there (Liposonix, Vanquish and Velashape to name a few), but this is the only FDA-cleared one. Keep in mind, it’s not a weight loss procedure like gastric bypass and doesn’t produce the same results as liposuction. This is body contouring, ideal for people who can’t seem to get rid of problem areas through diet or exercise. Love handles? Muffin tops? While you can hide them with clothes, I’d much rather say goodbye to them altogether – especially when it’s this simple!

The treatment uses controlled cooling to freeze fat cells, which then die and are eliminated from the body. And don’t worry about spending the whole time with your teeth chattering like you’re up in the Arctic without a coat. For the first few minutes, you’ll feel pressure and extreme cold, but that disappears and your skin will remain undamaged by the temperature. Once your session is up, the results will appear in as quickly as three weeks and are best at two months – and these are permanent! CoolSculpting takes one hour per area treated, and since sometimes multiple sessions are needed, the price really depends on how many parts of the body you’re working on (the average for two sessions is about $1,600).

Then again, maybe you just want your skin tightened or that cellulite smoothed out. Venus Freeze, in spite of the name, takes a different approach to non-surgical procedures – with heat. It employs pulsed magnetic fields to bring oxygen and nutrients to the skin, while a multi-polar radio frequency produces a thermal reaction within the tissues that causes new collagen to form and active collagen to contract, tightening the skin. The feel has been compared to a hot stone massage. Wrinkle reduction and a massage at the same time? Don’t mind if I do!

One piece of info to note is that while CoolSculpting can take as little as one treatment, Venus Freeze requires at least six for the face, eight for the neck, and 10 for the body. Each one is 30-40 minutes, and the results are immediate and long lasting. The average cost rings in around $1,250 in total, but really yours would depend on which doctor you’re seeing, how many sessions you’re logging in, and which areas are being treated. Consult with a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery for your CoolSculpting or Venus Freeze procedure.

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