Liposuction Took Three Inches off My Waistline

Liposuction Took Three Inches off My Waistline

Kimberly noticed her waist become thicker and in spite of her stringent diet and exercise, she couldn’t shed off the excess fat around her waist. She consulted with her board-certified plastic surgeon to find a solution.

“I discussed with him the results that I wanted to achieve and he suggested I undergo an abdominal and flank liposuction,” explains Kimberly. “I opted for local anesthesia and went home that same day.”

Abdominal and flank liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat deposits around the waist and back enhancing a patient’s overall body contour. Results start to appear in as little as one week after the swelling has gone down.

“After the procedure I was given a garment to wear that was tight and restrictive to help my body get rid of any fluid that was inserted to aid with the liposuction and to improve my contour,” explains Kimberly. “The pain after the procedure was very tolerable, I only needed to take medication the following day and I went to work two days after my procedure.”

“I lost a total of three inches off my waistline, so I’m very pleased with the outcome!” exclaims Kimberly.

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