Adolescents requesting Body contouring

Adolescents requesting Body contouring
As more children struggle with weight, there's a greater need for body contouring among teens.

Body contouring may consist of one procedure or many procedures that help to alter the shape of your body. Contouring can be completed on the arms, breasts, abdomen, buttocks and a number of other areas on the body. The ultimate result is for surgeons to achieve the patient's goal of having a contoured body without extra skin.

Research published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery indicates that more adolescents are requesting body contouring following bariatric procedures, or weight loss surgery. A common result of gastric bypass surgery is excess skin. So, researchers decided to learn more about the development of this issue in adolescents who had undergone bariatric surgery. A total of 47 children completed two questionnaires drafted by the professionals, and 91 percent indicated that they felt their bodies were unattractive due to their excess skin. Thus, they had inquired about body-contouring surgery - five of the participants had actually already undergone a procedure.

Those surveyed most commonly cited the upper arms and thighs as problem areas. In addition to being uncomfortable with the way that they looked, the researchers also found a relationship between excess skin and physical discomfort, especially when located around the chest, breast, abdomen, upper arms and chin.

Previously, it was believed that young people were not affected by excess skin to the same extent as adults who had undergone gastric bypass surgery. However, the researchers concluded that their findings support a reason to debate this claim.