3 best bets for banishing cellulite

3 best bets for banishing cellulite

By: Ron Robinson

When the warm weather hits that can only mean one thing: more skin! We’ve kept our bodies under wraps all winter long, and now that the temperatures are heating up, it’s time to take out the sunscreen and say, “Hello…cellulite?!” Those bumpy, pocky dimples we have on our legs and buttocks are not what we look forward to when it comes to beach season, but it’s something we have to deal with every year.

And although there’s that rest-assured statistic that 90% of women have cellulite -- fat cells found underneath the top layer of the skin that have squeezed between bands of connective tissue, attaching muscle to the skin -- we’re still not comfortable in our dimply skin, even if all of our friends have it. Even though cellulite can be genetically passed on, other factors like diet, health, circulatory insufficiency and hormonal factors can lead to bumpy skin.

So, when you’ve had enough, changed your diet, worked out every day and applied your caffeine cream on a regular basis and you still shudder from the sight of your cellulite, there’s always a treatment that can help. Cellulite was once a major challenge, but now these procedures can help reduce this problem quickly without hitting the gym. And although cellulite cannot be completely removed (as of now), there are some treatments that show significant improvement.

VelaSmooth, for example, is a treatment that uses light energy first to pre-heat the area. Simultaneously, a gentle suction and massage aids in the deep penetration of the radio-frequency energy - redistributing and increasing the metabolism of the fat and connective tissue. In addition to re-contouring the skin’s surface, the manufacturer, Syneron claims the process also provides the added benefit of improved circulation, supporting overall health.

Cellulaze is another treatment that targets the actual structural problems underneath the skin. According Cynosure (the parent company), it can give you longer-lasting results from just one cellulite treatment. Small incisions are made at the targeted areas and the laser fiber is threaded through a very small tube (or cannula) and inserted through the incision site. The bumps and lumps are then treated and the liquefied fat is gently pressed out. With any cellulite treatments, results continue to improve in three to twelve months after a single treatment and appear to last one year or more.

But there is another procedure, similar to Cellulaze that has just hit the cosmetic surgery market. The unnamed procedure was developed by Cabochon Aesthetics, Inc., and has received FDA clearance for short-term improvement in the appearance of cellulite. CEO of Cabochon, Ben Brian, PhD is very optimistic about this new cellulite treatment, and expressed some positive results he had with his patients. For example, after three months, 85% of patients were satisfied, and after one year, 94% were satisfied. And since a majority of women deem their battle against cellulite to be a losing one, these statistics are very promising and might change a lot of people’s minds.

Cabochon has been acquired by the global device medical company Ulthera, Inc., which successfully commercialized the Ulthera® Ultrasound Skin Tightening System. With so many innovative technologies and companies working together, we might not have to worry about dimpled skin ever again.