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  • Cellulite: Can You Really Banish the Bumps?

    Dimply, dumpy and bumpy - cellulite is likely the one summer accessory you wish you could just take off already. Since it’s scientifically impossible to wish cellulite away or scrub it off in the shower — damn you and your pesky logic, science! — we’re going to take a look at some of the things you can do to help rid yourself of this bikini season pariah.  

  • Revealing the Beauty Within: Dermabrasion and Chemical Peels

    Most of us dream of recapturing the essence of youth and returning to the dewy freshness that's faded with the years due to hours on the beach, long runs in the summer, that pesky smoking habit in college, and exposure to other environmental toxins. Every line tells a story and sometimes we don't want those stories broadcast.  

    While face, brow and neck lifts can transform a face into a more youthful version of itself, there are other options to enhance the look and feel of our skin-- which is thankfully much less expensive and non-invasive. Awesome.  

  • Concealers unveiled: Last minute skin fixes

    There’s a fine line [pun intended] between all of the concealers on the market. How does an everyday person navigate all of the options and get the right fit for their skin issues? The answer can be easy if you know a few tips to decipher the differences between the concealers you find in the drug store or big box beauty product shops. It comes down to consistency or viscosity of the product you’re using. No two concealers are created the same, but the consistency of a concealer can be the trick to covering your skin imperfections. 

  • The best tricks to cover a blemish

    I love when I confess to something somewhat embarrassing (adult acne breakouts) and it hits home. It makes it worth it. A couple weeks ago, I wrote about my harrowing ordeal getting a cortisone shot for my adult-sized pimple. The results were also very adult – no picking at it like teenager and much quicker recovery.  

  • A fast track to summer skin care

    You have hydrated and exfoliated your way through winter and are currently smoothing and serum-ing your way through spring, so let’s stick with this seasonal approach to skincare by tackling the calendar’s next-at-bat: summer. 

  • Sticking it to adult acne break-outs

    In my last column, I confessed to getting pimples more now than when I was waiting to be asked to the prom. The response was amazing. People were sending me notes and messages telling me they too suffer from more blemishes as an adult then they ever did as teens. They also learned that they’d been treating said breakouts the wrong way. 

  • Acne, redness and brown spots: Workout woes

    You’ve been consistent with your skincare regimen, you stay out of the sun and you’ve resisted those sugar cravings—but you’re still struggling with skin issues? *throwing hands up in the air—what’s a gal gotta do?!  

  • How to deal with adult breakouts and blemishes

    Seriously, why does it seem like I get more zits now than I did when I was hitting puberty? I have no pending proms and I got my braces off in 1988, yet I honestly get a couple of zits a month and what’s worse they are small but leave scars. My friends and I like to tease each other when we notice an eruption by saying things like, “OMG, is that from being stressed about Billy asking you to go to third base?” or “Nice pimple, that one would need its own oxygen mask on a plane.” 

  • Revitalize your skincare routine in 5 days

    We’ve got your five day forecast, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the weather. Instead, we’re going to focus on what five days of revising your skincare regimen can do to revitalize aging skin, and before you call in sick for the week, rest assured that this 5-day adventure is more about pairing down than amping up. Think one area of focus = one half hour a day. Totally manageable, right?  

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