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  • Top ten plastic surgery advancements for 2014

    By Ron Robinson 

    It’s 2014! And with a new year means new innovations and advancements in plastic surgical procedures. Through surgical cosmetic procedures, we can see trends regarding skincare and cosmetics, how women want to look and feel.  

  • Is your plastic surgeon becoming your BFF?

    Tip-plasty: At the risk of getting a little too personal, have you noticed your nose looking droopy? This is a problem solved by Barry Weintraub, a plastic surgeon and ASAPS member who specializes in procedures for women who are older than 50. Weintraub tells AARP, “I’m seeing an increase in patients who had nose jobs elsewhere in their youth. 

  • Seeing spots: Fuzzy vision or aging skin?

    By Zipporah Sandler 

    If you’re like me, and you’ve taken your glasses off to clean them and STILL see spots on your face and hands, there’s no denying it…you’ve got:
    · Age Spots
    · Sun Spots
    · Liver Spots
    · SPOTS and SPOTS 

  • 10 Questions about Facelifts

    Facelifts are still growing in popularity, and for good reason—facelift results can be powerful and last far longer than those achieved with minimally invasive procedures. 

    If you are contemplating a facelift, here are answers to questions I hear most often.  

    1. Who is a good candidate for a facelift?
    There is no set age or profile. Factors to consider include age, body type and size.  

  • Eye have it figured out

    Here's the thing about aging… somehow it sneaks up on you. I mean, common sense says it will happen and yet none of us are prepared. Instead, we're shocked! In fact, my revelation went kinda like this: One morning I looked in the mirror and thought, holy crap sometime between last night and today I aged like 20 years. Seriously, when I went to bed last night I was at least a decade younger. My eyes are puffy and those dark circles… what happened? Did I get into a melee last night when I got up to pee? 

  • Taking the mystery out of retinoids

    To wash or not to wash? To apply or not to apply? And then… how to apply? Proper skincare is not always the easiest thing to decipher. All of it is made even more confusing with the latest miracle products and procedures including everyone’s favorite staple --retinoids. Along with their beloved powers to diminish fine lines, give skin a rosy glow, and fade dark spots, retinoids also come with a million questions and concerns. 

  • What do I have in common with Madonna?

    Madonna and I have two things in common. Our hands are a dead giveaway and we’re both not virgins. 

    But back to where it really hurts – where you live – how you look! According to a study in a reputable plastic surgery journal, ”the leading culprit that causes people to look older is a thin face,” i.e., you need fat on your face to look younger. If you have a youthful plump face, you can afford to sculpture your cheeks with a little bronzer, but the buck stops there. If dieting, exercise and aging have left you with a gaunt version of yourself, you will simply look older. 

  • How far have skin-lightening treatments come?

    By Ron Robinson 

    Do you ever wonder how women from around the world take care of their skin? I find it fascinating how skincare concerns differ according to what women in certain regions deem important. Here in the West, we’re all about anti-aging, anti-wrinkle anything. While in the East, lightening and brightening skincare items -- from eye creams to serums -- reign supreme. 

  • Emergency beauty tips to undo holiday damage

    We’re in the home stretch of holiday cheer—which means that, by now, you may be looking more haggard mall Santa than ethereal Christmas angel. This will not do. So in the spirit of the season, we’ve muddled together a cocktail of DIY emergency beauty tips to help repair the damage from the inevitable overindulgence in eggnog, parties, and late nights. Consider it our Smart Beauty Guide gift to you. You’re welcome. Let’s begin. 

  • My father is a plastic surgeon

    By Leigh Adams, Daughter of William P. Adams, MD of Boston, MA 

    As the daughter of a plastic surgeon, the first question I am commonly asked is whether or not I have had anything done. Although I have not had any cosmetic surgery to date, I believe one day I probably will. I wish to age gracefully and I have witnessed time and time again the positive effect surgery has had on my father's patients. 

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